Eurythmy Therapy

Eurythmy Therapy

Eurythmy therapy is based on the understanding that sounds and their gestures have a specific relationship to the body and the working of bodily systems.

Through repeating specific sound gestures, breathing and other physiological processes can be supported. Practicing these movements can make one feel more grounded, relaxed and enlivened and can bring one in touch with deeper feelings.

For most people it is a new experience to do a gesture related to sounds. The gestures are as varied as the sounds of our language. They can be soft or strong, can be lively or calm, can form or flow etc. The archetypal gestures can be adapted to the need of the individual. They can be done big or small, energetic or gentle, in standing /walking/jumping or in sitting and even in bed, if needed.

The sessions with the therapist last usually around 45min and a cycle of at least 7 sessions is recommended. To let the exercises resound and work deeper, the client is asked to rest after the therapy.

Eurythmy therapy can be beneficial for a wide range of conditions including stress, depression, bronchial conditions, cardio-vascular disorders, neurological problems, muscular-skeletal disorders, life crisis and associated medical complaints. It can also be helpful in the treatment of mental illness.

Eurythmy therapy belongs to the anthroposophical medical approach initiated by Rudolf Steiner. It enables one to take a conscious part in the process of becoming healthier in addressing deeper causes of one’s condition through active movement.

About Eurythmy

Eurythmy is an expressive art form, which aims to transform the inner movements, connected to speaking and singing, into visible outer movements.

It works with gestures for the sounds both in music and speech, and with movements of individuals and groups in space.

Classes for adults are offered, which introduce the elements of Eurythmy . Depending on the needs and wishes of the group these Eurythmy sessions can have more emphasis on the artistic expression, on social interactive processes, or on health supporting exercises, which can deepen and harmonize the breathing and can counteract effects of stress.

Eurythmy is taught in Steiner Schools, where specific pedagogical exercises aim to support healthy development in children.

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