Rhythmical Massage Therapy

Holistic Massage for back pain and a wide range of issues.
Massage Therapies

Rhythmical Massage Therapy is a very gentle form of holisitic massage with flowing movements that penetrate deeply. An element of suction rather than pressure is used to enhance the flow of fluid through the body.

The rhythmical quality of the treatment strengthens and supports the rhythmical processes within the body which are at the basis of good health. Rhythmical Massage was developed from the classical Swedish Massage in the 1920’s by Dr Ita Wegman, a medical doctor trained in Physiotherapy and Massage.

Harmonising and strengthening the warmth of the body helps to release tension and contributes to an enhanced feeling of wellbeing.

The oils and ointments used are carefully chosen to meet the particular needs of individual clients. They are made from natural, mainly organic or biodynamic, ingredients and are additive free.

People often comment on a new sense of wellbeing, of feeling more upright and freed from feelings of heaviness.

They have all very specific harmonising effects on the bodily systems and processes and help regulate circulation and warmth, reduce tension and pain and contribute to an enhanced feeling of wellbeing, not only physically but also emotionally and mentally.

We are also able to offer a wide range of external applications, such as beeswax compresses, also compresses with specific substances, herbal extracts and decoctions, to support the function of the main metabolic organs.

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