Oasis Group Work

The First Pathway
A new Oasis Group starts on Thursday 7th May and runs for 9 weekly sessions from 12.30pm - 3.30pm.
Oasis Group Work

In Oasis we celebrate the vulnerability and courage of each human being to embrace the challenges that life brings. A combined approach using art, conversation, personal biography and storytelling, provide a framework for the three uniquely structured Pathways. Hidden sources of resilience, creativity and inner healing lie within each one of us. Through weekly support in groups this potential is nurtured, celebrated and becomes part of a wonderful journey of discovery.

The Oasis Project offers professional group facilitation at the Centre with its founder, Melanie Taylor (therapist and coach) and Laura Ridolfi (therapeutic art practitioner).

Who is it for?

Oasis is for people in search of meaning. Sometimes we might have questions about our lives, at others we can suffer from anxiety, stress, loneliness or depression whatever the cause might be. Addressing these concerns and giving voice to our questions in a caring, supportive and confidential space can be helpful.

Sharing feelings about fears, anxieties, love, trust and courage can bring hope for the future and a renewed sense of purpose.

Below is a quote about Oasis from a former participant:
"Oasis, well named; a period of calm in the midst of a difficult or hectic situation. It can also be a fertile spot in a desert. The very name suggests a good place to stop on a journey, and whether it is a camel train across the Sahara, a caravan on the spice route, or a personal journey through life, there needs to be safe restorative periods when you can stop and reflect on the journey past, and have a positive vision of things to come. So it is with Oasis; a chance for people, many with long term health conditions or caring for others who need a chance to take stock, reflect, celebrate who they are, and move on feeling refreshed and supported as they go."

Where does it take place?

Oasis takes place at the Elysia Therapeutic Centre on Thursday afternoons. There are 3 Pathways of 9 - 12 weeks each. Each Pathway may be taken individually or you can attend all three. Please enquire to Melanie or Laura to book your place using the contact information at the bottom of this page.

More about Oasis

Each Pathway will be accompanied by healing stories from various traditions. These provide powerful pictures through which we can explore our own life journeys.

1st Pathway: Invitation to the Inner Journey

Getting started and sharing with others in a supportive space. We look at our inner journey in relation to the outer one through four life phases. Biographical and artistic exercises help participants gain new understanding, putting helpful perspective on old habits.

2nd Pathway: Finding a Way

We leave behind the signposts to our outer life and move more inwardly to explore aspects of our soul's journey. What are the blocks and resistence to positive change? We use practical exercises in self-development as we contemplate our inner life of Thinking, Feeling and Doing.

3rd Pathway: Embracing the Challenge

Storytelling forms a main part of this Pathway as we explore how our own life is reflected through that of the characters. This is developed artistically through making a  'book of life' with pictures, poems, stories.

The following therapists offer Oasis Group Work. Please contact them directly to make an appointment:

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