Physiotherapy, also known as Physical Therapy, aims to enhance and restore movement and quality of life where someone's ability to move and perform functional activities in everyday life is limited.  This could be due to illness, injury, surgery, or other disability.

As most of us might know, Physiotherpay can be beneficial for a wide range of conditions where aches and pains, muscular strains and sprains, poor circulation and movement restrictions need to be addressed.

Different techniques can be applied such as manipulation, exercises, soft tissue techniques and massage aiming to improve mobility and strength, releasing muscular tension and improving circulation contributing to relaxation and wellbeing.

In Physiotherapy I use a holisticapproach. After an initial assessment, I will recommend the most suitable therapeutic approach based upon your needs. Both Rhymical Massage and or Pilates Rehabilitation could be incorporated as an integrated approach if appropriate.

The following therapist offers Physiotherapy. Please contact them directly to make an appointment:

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