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Jonathan Livingstone

Jonathan Livingstone

Psychologist, Trauma Therapist and Kinesiologist

07951 260446

I have over 25 years of experience in offering brief, solution-focused therapy and coaching for individuals and couples to overcome problems and achieve goals. I specialise in anxiety, trauma (PTSD), addiction, OCD, eating issues, and depression. Couples therapy with REP and NVC can help to heal the past and enable partners to listen attentively, to regain intimacy.

I have 25 years’ experience as a brief, solution-focused therapist, psychologist and coach, helping people overcome trauma, anxiety, childhood abuse, OCD, ADHD and other problems. The way I work is to help you clarify your goals, identify what it is within you that’s blocking you, find out where this comes from in your biography, and help you to relearn that experience to permanently resolve your problem. This person-centred therapy will enable you fully to overcome your problem, not simply to understand or manage it.  Clients have noted how quickly transformational change occurs.  'I feel happier than I've felt since I was 9.'

The therapies I use include Relearning Experience Process (REP), to identify and resolve the biographical origins of problems; EMDR for PTSD; and energy kinesiology.  Most people receive complete resolution in three to six sessions, but some people need more time.  I also love helping couples to re-establish connection and intimacy and let go of resentments.

Born in Kenya, I spent much of my childhood in the Caribbean.  I have four children (two are grown up). My interest in the unconscious and motivation of human behaviour started age 11 when I began hypnotizing people. 

I have worked in Tamil Nadu with tsunami survivors, with young people from South African townships, and with refugees in BIOT and Rwanda.

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