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Physical Therapy

Rhythmical Einreibung – Therapeutic Touch

Rhythmical Einreibung (RE) is a gentle form of massage, sometimes called therapeutic or healing touch. It shares its origins with Rhythmical Massage and both approaches are around 100 years old falling under the umbrella of anthroposophic care therapies. RE was originally created as a method for anthroposophic nurses to apply prescribed oils and ointments; it has been further refined since the 1970’s.Because RE is very gentle it can be used to treat those who are frail or exhausted and might find other massage techniques too challenging. It can be used for pregnant women, young children and as part of end of life care.

Why is rhythm important?

RE brings a rhythmical quality of touch to the body.Rhythm is a language the body understands well; our bodies are composed of many different rhythms – heart and breathing, the menstrual cycle, the daily rhythm of the liver and, if we are lucky, we eat and sleep in a rhythmical way. When we are ill, exhausted or stressed these rhythms can be disrupted. Through rhythmical touch harmony and balance can be restored and symptoms relieved.

What are the therapeutic benefits of receiving Rhythmical Einreibung?

In RE the soothing Effleurage stroke (sliding over the surface of the skin) is the main technique used. The treatment follows a set sequence of movements and it is possible to treat the whole body in one session, giving a unique experience of wholeness and integration.The main effects are warming, relaxing, calming and reassuring. It can help one to feel the boundaries of the body and also help the soul and body to inter-relate in a harmonious way.Working with the life forces, RE can help to restore energy and increase vitality.

What conditions can be treated?

  • Rhythmical Einreibung can be helpful for many chronic conditions where there are problems with low energy, cold, pain, stiffness and loss of rhythm.

  • It can be helpful for digestive, breathing, sleeping and circulatory problems.

  • It can be of benefit for people going through treatment for cancer, offering gentle support where other forms of massage may not be recommended.

  • It can help psychological issues too like anxiety, depression and stress.

There are very few reasons when/why RE may be contra-indicated. For example, caution is needed with pregnant women during the first trimester or where there is a history of miscarriage. Open wounds can’t be touched, but it is worth knowing that the skin around a leg ulcer, for example, will benefit greatly from the support of a Rhythmical Einreibung session.

Rhythmical Einreibung Therapist: Fiona Sim

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