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We are a group of dedicated holistic healthcare practitioners working independently but as a community, in the heart of Stourbridge. We believe that our physical, emotional and spiritual health are interconnected and often therapy on one of these levels can foster wellness on another.


Our founding principles are based on Rudolf Steiner’s understanding of Body, Soul and Spirit. We also welcome complementary therapists who offer a practice that is compatible with these core principles.


If you like the idea of basing your practice in a warm beautiful and welcoming space that is much more than just “rooms for hire”, alongside fellow practitioners who share your ethos, then joining the Elysia Therapy Centre may be for you.


We have two counselling rooms, one consulting room, two body therapy rooms, a meeting room and a spacious Art and Movement room; all decorated harmoniously and delicately, to feel both homelike and professional.There is also a communal staff kitchen, and a tranquil garden.


We operate on a membership basis, which costs £50 per month. Membership includes:

  • 4x1-hour room-hire session (subsequent sessions are charged at £10/hour, invoiced monthly).

  • Promotion on our website, printed brochure, and quarterly email newsletter.

  • Access to our online room booking system.


If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact us on 01384 392 072 or email


We look forward to meeting you and hearing about your work!


Occasional ad hoc room hire is also available for meetings, events, group sessions, etc. Prices range between £12.50-£20 per hour depending on the room and number of participants.

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