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We are extremely grateful for funding received from Hermes Trust and the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain which allowed the Centre to initiate and operate a Patient Therapy Fund.


This is for clients who live in the local community of Dudley who might need some financial help with the costs of their treatment.


Each of our member therapists is able to access this fund with your help and on your behalf. Please approach them directly and once a short form is completed together, they will submit your application to the fund panel. Decisions are made swiftly and, in most cases, clients can commence or continue with treatments in a timely way.


Ongoing funding from individuals who wish to see this fund continue are also gratefully received and always welcome. If you would like to donate, our details are as follows and please reference your gift with ‘PTF Donation’:


Elysia Therapeutic Centre

Lloyds Bank

Sort Code: 309596

Account Number: 28894760

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