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Talking Therapy

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Our counselling and psychotherapy service is delivered by professionally qualified and registered practitioners who deliver up to date clinical approaches for a diverse range of mental and emotional health needs. All our practitioners and are experienced in supporting individuals and/or couples and families with symptoms and issues concerning:

• Stress, anxiety and depression

• Bereavement, grief and loss

• Anger

• Addictions

• Life crisis

• Sexuality 

• Eating disorders

• Self harm

• Loss of meaning and purpose

Appointments can be booked with the therapists listed on our website or by phoning the Centre and booking online. Each counsellor or psychotherapist works with their clients individually.

Other treatments are also available at the Centre should you wish to enquire about these with your therapist. These include nutritional advice, massage therapy, therapeutic art, eurythmy therapy, Life Coaching and group work.

At Elysia we work with insights into how physical, soul and spiritual health are inter-related. Such insights develop new awareness for creating a healing path that enables the client to establish their well-being anew.

Counselling Psychotherapy Therapists:

Dr Kostas Kouriatis | Sue Rogers | Joanne King | Diogenes Mock | Joanne Adams

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